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The Stink Finds… the ten best songs involving cheese

We know what you’re thinking. It’s the weekend, and a bank holiday weekend no less. You want to sit back and unwind with friends. Perhaps you want to have a barbecue, or just have a few people over for drinks. You’ve got the meat, the alcohol and the cheeseboard, but you want that extra bit of something to lighten up the mood. Well, here at The Stink we’ve got all bases covered, because we’ve only gone and rounded up the best songs mentioning cheese to add to the party atmosphere. Oh we know, you can thank us later.

Warning:  Some people just can’t help but get overexcited when discussing their love for dairy. We’re not ones to judge, but we thought we’d warn you that some of these songs contain some naughty lyrics.

1. Nirvana – “Big Cheese”

The Seattle boys probably didn’t have a hunk of cheddar in mind when they cooked up this grunge anthem, but we still love it.


2. Beastie Boys – “Get It Together”

These New York City hip hoppers love a bit of cheese melted into their lyrics, mentioning it in “Oh Word!” and “Shazam” as well as this macaroni loving number.


3. Ween – “Candi”

Experimental rock band Ween may have been a bit weird with their playing style, but they were even weirder with their culinary choices – even naming a whole album after their experiments with chocolate and cheese.


4. Eminem – “Crackers and Cheese.”

Eminem dabbled in dairy before hitting the big time with a demo titled “Crackers and Cheese.”


5. 50 Cent – “We Up”

50 asks do we want the cheese or the chicks – as long as it’s a nice slab of blue we’d probably always stick with the cheese.


6. Ryan Adams – “Answering Bell”

A little bit of a cheat, as this song doesn’t actually mention cheese – but it did appear on Adams’ Extra Cheese EP – and we couldn’t resist including it, it’s such a cracker…


7. Super Furry Animals – “Death By Melody”

We’d share some welsh cakes and cheese with the Super Furry Animals boys,  but we’d probably leave them to enjoy the sleaze on their own though.


8. Modest Mouse – “Mice Eat Cheese”

Modest Mouse think that mice eat cheese, but we’ve actually heard they prefer a bit of chocolate or some peanut butter.


9. Monty Python – “The Cheese Shop”

Not quite a song, but it does involve music. Besides, any self respecting cheese lover can’t go through life without watching this Monty Python sketch.


10. Arctic Monkeys – “She’s Thunderstorms”

“Cheeeeese thunderstorms, lying on her front…” Ok, well not quite, but we couldn’t find a tenth cheesy song and it could well be an Alex Turner lyric.

Is there a cheesy song we’ve missed? Here at The Stink we’re always interested in our reader’s opinions. Send us an email or tweet @TheStinkLondon to let us know what you’ve been up to.  

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