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China bans imports of British cheese

The Stink has just caught a whiff of the BBC’s report that British cheese imports have been temporarily banned in China.

According to the beeb, the decision came after chinese officials visited a dairy in the UK and were unhappy with its levels of hygiene – including the raw milk transplant temperatures and the cleanliness of the air. The specific dairy was not named but it has since been claimed the dairy was not currently a supplier of cheese to China.

Apparently, the ban is effective on all cheese that was made in the UK after the 1st May.

George Eustice, minister for farming, food and marine environment said: “British cheese is the best in the world and produced to the highest safety and quality standards so it is disappointing that China have put a temporary block on cheese imports.”

“Food inspectors will now visit all factories exporting cheese to China to demonstrate their high standards so these restrictions can be lifted as soon as possible.”

The UK’s Food Standards Agency is now said to be carrying out their own checks and working with chinese officials to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Every year, Britain exports around 11 tonnes of cheese to China, which amounts to under 1% of British Cheese makers’ export rates outside of the EU.

What’s your take on the news that China have banned imports of British cheese? Here at The Stink we’re always interested in our reader’s opinions. Send us an email or tweet @TheStinkLondon to let us know what you think. 

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