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The Stink questions Rebecca Holbourn – the celebrity cheese questioner

You may have noticed The Stink talking about Rebecca Holbourn’s brilliant hobby of asking celebrities their favourite cheeses a while back. We couldn’t help but find out more about this valiant cause, so we pinned down Rebecca for a chat about her work behind her blog The Cheese Questioner for your reading pleasure.

Hi Rebecca! Tell us about yourself…

I’m originally from London, though I’m now living in Cardiff. I enjoy writing scripts for both Film & Stage and I’ll be taking a something to Edinburgh Fringe next year. Most of what I write is quite dark.

How did the idea of The Cheese Questioner come about?

I was actually at a Torchwood Convention, known as The Hub, with a couple of friends and everyone was asking kind of similar questions, so me and one of my friends decided to be different. I chose cheese, she chose dinosaurs. It just sort of took off from there. I only got one written down that time though and realised I should in future if possible.

How do you find the celebs you ask?

Mostly it tends to be at Stage Doors, some conventions, all pretty standard signing places. I’ve never really planned meeting someone outside of: I’ll go to the stage door after I’ve seen the show and hope they come out.

When you do meet the famous people, how do you approach the subject?

Generally, I say Hi, I enjoyed the show (if it’s the stage door, where I’ll also get my programme signed), then I’ll ask them if they mind signing something else (my notebook) and if they say yes, I also ask them to write down their favourite cheese, if they say no, I’d ask them nicely anyway.

How do the celebs usually react?

Mostly with an “Are you serious?” look. Some love it, I’ve been told it’s the best question they’ve ever been asked. Some really don’t like it and treat it as an intrusion of their privacy. More often than not, it’s all good spirited.

July 2011, Mark's answering of the question on Friday made him fancy some cheese, so on the Sunday, I bought some and he shared it out with his fellow guests too (Including his Father, Morgan Sheppard and Brent Spiner.)

July 2011, Mark’s answering of the question on Friday made him fancy some cheese, so on the Sunday, I bought some and he shared it out with his fellow guests too (Including his Father, Morgan Sheppard and Brent Spiner.)


What’s the best and worst answers you’ve had?

Possibly Mark Sheppard’s, because he went into quite large detail on the best part and age of Manchego to eat. It was really informative, plus he talked about Brie and his travels too. I’m a little split on the worst. It’s between Danny Boyle and Nabil Shaban. Danny for his reaction and Nabil for an answer that makes you cringe.

Who would be your dream celebrity to ask?

Honestly, I don’t know. Possibly a legend like Meryl Streep or other great actors like Colin Firth or Tom Hiddleston.

Do you think you should get your own cheese based TV show? (We think you should)

That would be amazing! I would love to, but I doubt there’s the interest, if I’m honest. I wish though.

Finally – What’s your favourite cheese?

I love a nice classic medium cheddar. My favourite specifically is Dragon.

Thank you Rebecca! We are very grateful for your brilliant work in bringing this information to our attention, keep it up.

Have you ever found out a celebrity’s favourite cheese? Here at The Stink we’re always interested in our reader’s antics. Send us an email or tweet @TheStinkLondon to let us know what you’ve been up to.  



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